Robert Rauschenberg, Art Car, 1986 - BMW 635 CSi

BMW racing driver Hervé Poulain had a crazy idea back in 1975. He wanted to invite an artist to use his car as canvas. American artist Alexander Calder obliged and was the first of 16 in the BMW Art Car project. The cars have been on display in Munich’s BMW museum, but are currently travelling to North America with 4 of their finest. Andy Warhol, Frank Stella, Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg (above) will be on display at New York’s Grand Central Terminal from March 24 until April 6 and then on to three locations in Mexico.


Also on display is Robin Rhode’s” Expression of Joy” project – BMW as paint brush. He installed a set of paint squirters on a 2010 BMW Z4  and set it in motion on canvas. Watch the video!

via:  BMW & yatzer