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This Hotel takes traditional hotel advertising and turns it on its head.  They proudly boast about “now even more dog shit in the entrance”, that the beds are uncomfortable, the pillows hard…

The Hans-Brinker is one of Amsterdams most famous hostels…otherwise known as ‘The Most XXXclusive Budget Hotel’ Here you will find: NO PARKING, NO SAUNA, NO BELLBOYS, NO AIR CONDITIONING, NO MINIBARS, NO ROOM SERVICE….but you will find clean basic rooms in central Amsterdam…”

“You have stayed in the worst. Now read in the worst.”  
I think I have to have it

The website is one of the worst too. It is an act in frustration. Buttons that lead nowhere…lack of information, I guess that’s part of the charm!

Who thought up this risky campaign? Amsterdam’s KesselsKramer . They take a unique and daring approach to everything they do.  Check out their website [do it now, i’ll wait…] and you will see another example of how far they will go to be disruptive, and cause you to question everything! Keep clicking on the url, it gets better!

Their client list? Diesel, Nike, and MTV.

via: Superfuture 4.0 


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