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In December, Pantone  selected their colour of the year. Mimosa.  Like the drink.  Orange juice and champagne…yummy. How could it not be a beautiful colour?
“Mimosa Embodies Hopefulness and Reassurance in a Climate of Change.” 
And congratulations Mimosa. I can’t think of a happier, more positive colour to brighten these dark and gray times. 

“Mimosa also speaks to enlightenment, as it is a hue that sparks imagination and innovation.”  
Good choice Pantone. 

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3 creatives travelled around Rome, Madrid, Paris and London planting cheerful Havaianas all over Europe.

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“Design is 70% dealing with people, 3% the idea, 2% selling the idea, 2% the brief, 2% being pig headed, 1% printing, 3% eye for detail, .6% invoices, 2% coffee, .7% tracking, .1% warm glow, .6% panic, 1% 4am, .6% staring, .2% checking, 1% letting go, .8% keeping hold, .7% estimates, .3% checking, .4% proofs, .1% colour, .9% understanding, .4% marketing, 1% checking, .8% beach ball, .5% mice, .3% keynotes, .4% persuasion, .2% bragging, .5% smiling, 2% knowing when to stop.”

Duane King


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Where The Wild Things Are, a Maurice Sendak classic – and one of my favourite kids books is now a soon to be released Spike Jonze film. The trailer was released a few days ago. I love it…great visuals, great music.


photo by Sir Fish

photo by Sir Fish

For many designers, their careers began with a fresh new box of Crayolas. A recent post on Colourlovers is all about the beloved crayons and the colourful facts around them.  One fact that I did not know… “According to a Yale University study, the scent of Crayola crayons is among the 20 most recognizable to American adults. Coffee and peanut butter are 1 and 2.”  

“The first box of Crayola crayons was sold in 1903 for a nickel and included the same colors available in the eight-count box today: red, blue, yellow, green, violet, orange, black and brown.”

It’s kind of refreshing that in the days of kids ‘painting’ on a computer, that Crayolas are as popular as ever. In fact, a couple of weeks ago I tried to buy crayons for my daughter’s party loot bags, Toys R Us was out of stock.

466picThis entry is for all of the kids out there who have fond memories of bits of colourful wax and the creations that came from them. Check out Colourlovers for some really beautiful Crayon photography, RGB formulas for 120 colours, and some interesting trivia!

Can’t explain it.  Just watch it…















I love all books – and I love this site!  Many of the books featured are hand made, all of them are works of art, all of them unique.

Never sleep is a book by Dress Code, the design company headed by Andre Andreev and G. Dan Covert. They have written a book to share their experiences in becoming graphic designers. They tell stories and personal anecdotes about design and what they have learned along the way, from high school to the present. Devoted to the ‘plight’ of young designers and students, they have also created a web site with lots of resources to help them as they go out into the real world. Check out

Browse through Book By Its Cover, for books you may not see anywhere else. Some of the titles to check out,  Pop-Up PornHow can I be Expected to Work on a Day Like This?ABC3D (which I wrote about on another blog) All the Wrong People Have Self Esteem…and so many more.


There is a misconception that Twitter is for teenagers wanting to know exactly what their friends are doing at any given moment. Twitter is a serious business…Nielsen Wire reported last week that Twitter use increased at an amazing rate of 1,382% in one year.  February 2008 saw 475,000 unique visitors, while February 2009 had 7 million users! That makes Twitter is the fastest growing site in the Member Communities category, followed by Zimbio with a 240% gain and Facebook growing 228%.

What accounts for this incredible growth?  The 35-49 year old demographic is 41% of the site’s audience.  Does this mean people are using it for business?  The majority of people visit while at work – 62%, while 35% access it from home.  

I wonder if Obama and his Twitter use for his campaign from the beginning, had anything to do with this amazing surge in the site’s use.


Pentagram was asked by the Robin Hood Foundation  (targeting poverty in New York City) to contribute to an effort to build new school libraries in elementary schools in 5 boroughs in New York.  Architects would design the spaces, private companies would donate books, Pentagram would provide graphic design, wayfinding, signage and a brand that would unify all the sites. 

The result is a dynamic, unique space that is meant to inspire kids and make reading fun.  Murals were painted in the space between the ceiling and the book shelves – sometimes up to 6′ high, by the likes of Stefan Sagmeister , Maira Kalman, Yuko Shimizu among others. The Pentagram team paired the right artist with each library, acted as creative directors and co-ordinated the production with architect Richard Lewis.

“Working with budgets that were — to say the least — modest, Esquer, Kalman, Niemann, Sagmeister, Shimizu and Wilkin created works of art that will entertain and inspire schoolchildren for years. “Each of the designers and illustrators we worked with clearly approached this project as a labor of love, and it shows,” says Michael Bierut, Pentagram.



svartmjolkthumbnail1Swedish Company Arla Foods has replaced its standard milk package for a special edition one to promote Earth Hour.  The packaging is black, and reminds the milk drinker to turn off the lights on the 28th of March with the rest of the world. The milk will be sold for about a week leading up to Earth Hour.  I don’t speak Swedish…so I really couldn’t tell you if the milk inside the package is black too! Licorice flavour??

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