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Everyone’s favourite font….45 posters celebrating the classic typeface designed in 1957. For all you Font Fans, read about the history of Helvetica here.

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Sitting in my *office* this morning, procrastinating on writing that 10 page paper, I discovered the ultimate time sucker!
This is a pretty amazing drawing tool developed by Dr. Doob [Ricardo Cabello], a designer and developer who has come up with a ‘procedural web based drawing tool’. So far there are 10 pens, but more may be added.

Here is a little sample of the 5 minutes I spent on it. Add a tablet and pen….a bit more time and the results could be far more impressive! Try it out for yourself here.

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An inspirational call for entries video…to launch the 2nd Annual Rethink Communications $18,000 Scholarship for Langara College, and the Communication and Ideation program. Sounds like a really interesting program.

“To enter the contest, submit a black hard cover sketchbook containing interesting ideas showcasing your creativity. Winner will be selected by Rethink according to the following criteria: clarity, relevance, fresh thinking, as well as quality of ideas, craft, and execution.

Would love to hear from anyone who enters!

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Last year it was Barbie…now even Snoopy is getting old! In honour of his 60th birthday [what’s that in dog years?!], various designers created special edition toys.
Plush toys with fashions designed by Vivienne Westwood, Chanel, Hermes, Balenciaga DVF, Givenchy, Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier and Chloé were exhibited at Time & Style, Galleria 3F in Tokyo Midtown during Fashion Week in October.

For those who prefer toys of the vinyl kind…various illustrators were asked to produce a customized design for 20inch high Snoopy for an exhibition and charity auction at New Town Plaza in Hong Kong from Dec.10 to Jan.3. Nathan Jurevicius; [known for his ScaryGirl characters], Olly Howe; and Chico Hayasaki; Japanese illustrator, among others.

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I am sure everyone noticed the recent Sesame Street ‘Google Doodles’ in honour of their 40th birthday. But have you ever wondered how many of these doodles have been created since Google began?  Most designs were created by  Dennis Hwang (The official Google Doodle Design Artist and WebMaster). As of 2004, he had created 150.

Check out the  Google official Doodle page, for the very extensive and varied collection.  Many of the doodles are in honour of various National holidays that we may not otherwise know about had it not been for these curious doodles!



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Picture 7I love this. 

After months of reading this magazine online, I thought i should share. IdN is an international publication for creative people, “an international designers’ network.” Their mission is to ‘amplify and unify the design community’, and they have many methods for ensuring that this happens. They create magazines, books, dvds, and tote bags among other things! Opening an issue of IdN Magazine is like stepping into a gallery, a visual gallery – photography, illustration, typography, architecture, graphics, fashion, culture, and motion graphics cover each page, and then some! 

Thier 15th Anniversary book has been published and it is worth a look. it is over 400 pages of commissioned work by 250 creators who they have collaborated with over the past decade. This hardcover book is only 59.00, includes a DVD 9 and is available now. 

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‘What do You Love?’ looks at not only the past, but imagines what the future could be, through the eyes of some very creative people.

I love going through the Threadless site. Right now all their Tees are $9.00!!! [I just ordered 4.]

This is one of my faves…but sold out. So I will vicariously wear it on my blog instead.


Working in an Architectural firm for 10 years, I have seen a lot of renderings, many of them quite good.  In fact, many of the CG renderings were at first glance difficult to tell if they were actual spaces/buildings or an designer’s/architect’s vision.  

Tonight I came across a film by Alex Roman. This is ‘digital architecture’ like no other. I couldn’t quite believe this wasn’t an actual video tour through Louis Khan’s Phillips Exeter Academy Library. “The Third & The Seventh” project, for the Mundos Digitales 2009 [digital architecture] conference, is a stunning example of how real CG can be, with the right tools…and of course the right digital artist.  Not just beautiful to look at, the soundtrack is perfect, The Divine Comedy’s “Laika’s Theme” from “Absent Friends” album. 

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These are too good not to share…

Work from the Sisyphus Office’ exhibition at Skydive [Houston gallery]. The exhibit was organized by San Francisco based artist, curator, and co-founder of The Thing Quarterly, Jonn Herschend.
Read more about it on the Behance site.




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