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I was keeping up the momentum for a while…then I started school….and teaching….and working….and I still had Mom duties during all this.

During the break I plan on getting back at it, and keeping it up.  That’s the plan anyway!

I thought I would post about the Graduate program I am enrolled in having just completed my first semester. I am working towards a Masters of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation, at Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto, a 2 year program.

We are the first Cohort, a class of guinea pigs, an experiment. It’s an interesting position to be in. We are a group of extremely diverse learners – who are in a sense helping to design the program. Here is a description of the program:


“The Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation integrates knowledge and methodology from a number of disciplines: design, business, science and technology, and the social sciences. Design provides the crucial link between these areas, drawing on its essential competencies of design thinking, strategic and iterative methodology, and a deep commitment to understanding human needs, wants and behaviour. Through holistic thinking in a co-creative environment, the designer, the business person, the social scientist and the engineer will develop together the skills required for true socio-technological innovation.”

So far I love it. My brain is being stretched in ways I didn’t think was possible, the people are amazing, the classes interesting, the work challenging, and the professors inspiring.

What will I do when I finish? Not sure yet…but I do know that there are a lot of options!


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