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“Concave Scream’s style is melancholic yet hopeful. Musically, the band believes in moving forward and not stagnating. Therefore, every album sounds distinctly different.   The band has just completed recording their 5th album; a self financed 9-track instrumental titled Soundtrack for a Book.”

When I first came across this site i wasn’t quite sure what it was. But it got my attention.
Concave Scream is an independent band from Singapore that has been together for about 15 years.  ‘Soundtrack For a Book‘, their latest project is hypnotizing and unique.
They re-use old classic books as a CD cases, and from the image above, it seems as though they leave the book intact. Not just the cover.
Titles range from Heidi, to Call of the Wild and The Secret Garden, and they can be purchased on their site.

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