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A friend sent this to me this morning and I had to share!  Pentagram, the very well-known Graphic Design Firm in New York, created as very unique ‘holiday greeting’. They developed a questionnaire to determine what typeface best describes your personality.

Just 4 questions to reveal your personality in a typeface. Try it!  Oh…the password is character. What am I? Dot Matrix.

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These are just too good not to share…

“Classic records lost in time and format, re-emerged as Pelican books. Just for fun.”
Created by London graphic designer Huw Gwilliam of Littlepixel Design, these album covers will bring back memories of high school and university…a time somewhere between vinyl and CD!

Gwilliam explains…”I undertook to ‘reimaginitize™’ some well loved records as if they were published neé released in the modernist sixties on the classic grid in the fifth dimension of alternate reality Donkle.”  

“…I think they miss the musty feel of a rare LP scored in an old second hand record shop. I think people like the idea of something that tricks you – something that looks familiar at a glance but then reveals it’s actually something else. ”

He is releasing the set as limited edition postcards sometime in June. This entire collection, as well as some of his other work can be viewed on his Flickr Photo stream.

Here is another version of a similar theme, this one cult-films as covers  “I Can Read Movies” 





















While on the topic, have a look at Things magazine’s post on the Pelican Project. Real Pelican book covers from the ’30’s to the ’80’s.

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Alan Fletcher

Alan Fletcher
























This says it all tonight…

One of the greats. “ALAN FLETCHER is among the most influential figures in British graphic design as a founder of Fletcher/Forbes/Gill in the 1960s and Pentagram in the 1970s.”

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