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banner_biggerWow. These are beautiful bikes. Custom built by a guy named Ezra, with a company called ‘Fast Boys Cycles
Some have bamboo handle bars, some are ‘assless’, they always sport a logo in the shape of a friendly heart and come loaded with personality. bobsled-on-fire

He states clearly and without apology…“Your right to micro-manage the project: $500 extra. All manner of stainless bits and pieces are available too, but I’ll warn you now: I don’t polish. That’s just hours of my life that I’ll never get back.”

Ezra has a great blog too.  He was diagnosed with cancer in August and has been chronicling his battle on a blog he calls ‘fuck cancer, i’m Ezra…teaching cancer to cry’
He doesn’t hold back, he’s honest and funny. Oh…and makes a mean bike.

I think you’ll want one too.

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