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banner_biggerWow. These are beautiful bikes. Custom built by a guy named Ezra, with a company called ‘Fast Boys Cycles
Some have bamboo handle bars, some are ‘assless’, they always sport a logo in the shape of a friendly heart and come loaded with personality. bobsled-on-fire

He states clearly and without apology…“Your right to micro-manage the project: $500 extra. All manner of stainless bits and pieces are available too, but I’ll warn you now: I don’t polish. That’s just hours of my life that I’ll never get back.”

Ezra has a great blog too.  He was diagnosed with cancer in August and has been chronicling his battle on a blog he calls ‘fuck cancer, i’m Ezra…teaching cancer to cry’
He doesn’t hold back, he’s honest and funny. Oh…and makes a mean bike.

I think you’ll want one too.

Republic is a different kind of bicycle company.  Thier tag line is “built by us & you”.  They  build custom bikes based on a shared design, offering component and colour choices, and pride themselves on providing quality, value and aesthetics. You pick what you want your bike to be, they assemble it and ship it out.  Another great example of ‘mass customization’.  and they sure are pretty…cykelthumbnailabout_shop

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