Little Giantess walks through Berlin, Germany on Sunday, Oct. 4, 2009. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn) #

Crowds of spectators surround the Little Giantess at Bebelplatz in Berlin on October 2, 2009. (PHILIPP GUELLAND/AFP/Getty Images) #

The Little Giantess takes her first steps in front of the Rotes Rathaus on October 2, 2009. (DAVID GANNON/AFP/Getty Images) #

These puppets are stunning works of art powered by people. Created by the French mechanical marionette street theatre company, Royal de Luxe, These larger than life characters took over Berlin streets in October to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Berlin Reunion – ‘The little giantess, the wall and the deep sea diver’,  told the tale of 2 huge marionettes [15 metres high!] finally reunited after years of being separated by the wall.

“The storyline of the performance has the two separated by a wall, thrown up by “land and sea monsters”. The Big Giant has just returned from a long and difficult – but successful – expedition to destroy the wall, and now the two are walking the streets of Berlin, seeking each other after many years apart.”

To see the show in action have a look at the You Tube video. Magical.

via:  The Boston Globe