Every year, around this time, my little street in a great Toronto neighbourhood [South Riverdale/Leslieville ],  holds ‘The Tiverton Avenue Film Festival’. While this annual event occurs during the Toronto International Film Festival, you will never see George Clooney [:-(], Sean Penn or Angelina Jolie. You will see neighbours. and lots of them. Kids – lots of them – run free in the park til way past bedtime, loving the temporary independence while the parents chat, drink wine and eat roasted corn.

Dave and Lynn organize this yearly pot luck event. They make the posters, they prepare the video that will entertain the crowd after dark, they roast the corn. This year – the 12th – was the biggest. What once was a white sheet tied to the chain link fence is now an actual screen. The equipment may be fancier, but the mood is the same.

This year I thought I would share my favourite, one man’s adventure. “November 9th 2007 – November 13th 2008 one year on foot – 4646km through China unlimited beard & hair growth http://www.thelongestway.com musical score by the kingpins.”

Oh…and thanks Lynn and Dave for making this event part of our neighbourhood tradition. Happy to be part of such a great community.

via: Dave and Lynn, Tiverton Avenue