OK…I may be a little late on this one.  But, If I have just seen this, then I am guessing there are others out there on the ‘Interweb’, that have yet to be exposed to Zach and his missing ‘boy parts’.

He didn’t just lose his parts, he gained ‘girl parts’.
I guess I should start with a little warning. This is not for the easily queasy! I know some boys who just do not want to hear about ‘girl things’. If you are one of those, I won’t be offended if you stop reading this post now.
















“Guys would understand that yes, getting your period sucks. But it’s what makes a woman a woman. And it’s what makes people fear that woman when she’s PMSing. Guys, you need to get your period. And you need to get it now.”

What am I talking about? Not really sure what to say about this one, or how to say it!  Tampax has a viral online campaign geared at, well…not sure who its aimed at.  Zach is 16, and through his blog and Twitter feeds, he tells us the story of how one day his world changed. From being one where he couldn’t find things in the fridge, left his wet towel on the floor, had conversations about beer, didn’t call back…to a world of sensitivity, multi-tasking, yoghurt eating, baking brownies, and water retention.  Poor Zach.

Watch the mini movie, read his Tweets, and the blog comments. Tampax is getting people talking if nothing else. And really, that is the purpose of any online campaign.

Who knows…this just may encourage boys to enter into a drugstore for their girls Tampax, without feeling humiliated. 

“By “going out into the world,” I mean putting on a disguise (a pair of sunglasses) and taking the bus to a drugstore in the next town over. I spent the first 16 years of my life avoiding the feminine protection aisle but there I was, reading the backs of packages, comparing features. Anti-slip grip? Check. Built-in leak protection. Check.”