“Start a lie about the bottled water industry. If they can lie, so can you. Find out the truth at tappening.com.”

















Here is your chance to tell a big fat lie., without getting into trouble. You’re encouraged to in fact.  
New York Times wrote today…

“Taking a cue from anti tobacco campaigns, Tappening, a group opposed to bottled water on environmental grounds, has introduced a campaign called “Lying in Advertising,” that positions bottled water companies as spreading corporate untruths.”

“The campaign was started almost two years ago by two marketing executives, in part to demonstrate their marketing skills but also to promote their own reusable water bottles.Mr. Yaverbaum and his Tappening co-founder, Mark DiMassimo, the chief executive of the advertising agency DIGO Brands, each contributed $100,000 toward Tappening’s founding, including a Web site, advertising campaigns and producing reusable bottles. After they introduced Tappening in November 2007, Mr. Yaverbaum said, they sold out of bottles within five days. So far, he said, Tappening has sold about $5 million worth of the bottles, and profits go into producing more bottles and further advertising.”

Word of the campaign is quickly spreading, when I checked tonight it had almost 10,000,000 page views.  With social media, and downloadable viral ads, it is sure to get a lot more traffic and awareness, and more importantly, more people switching to the tap. 

via:  Mark DiMassimo [a facebook friend!] and NY Times