A guerilla campaign to promote unknown online bookstore, Editoras Online, was created by DDB Brasil.  Part of the campaign included a book that regularly updates its content.
The book features a series of QR codes, that with the use of a cell phone the reader can decode to reveal messages of love and hate that have been posted on Twitter. 

“Every time someone who is following the campaign’s Twitter profile tweets a phrase containing either the words ‘love’ or ‘hate’, that phrase is captured and linked to one of the QR codes in the book. Tiago Marcondes, who created the campaign, explains that they would have liked to pull in phrases from all over Twitter but lawyers advised that only those of people following the campaign could be used.”

There were 4000 stickers with 200 different QR codes posted around São Paulo. Each sticker says “Here’s a moment of love” or “hate” and has a QR code below. Users with QR-enabled phones can decode the graphic to reveal the phrase from Twitter. The stickers and the book QR codes were updated every 7 days with new phrases.

Complicated?  Watch the video for a full demo on how the campaign works…Collaborative, Open Source, Interactive,Viral.


via: The Daily What