A stunning image and one that speaks volumes about the time.

Flickr now hosts a Library of Congress Photostream. Some of the collections include ‘Women Striving Forward, 1910-1940, Abraham Lincoln, and World War 1. There are some incredible images and stories, and the site is updated on a regular basis, in an attempt to increase The Libraries online content, so check in often.

The above image taken during the Great Depression, by Dorothea Lange, is one of my favourites.
“Florence Thompson with three of her (7) children in a photograph known as “Migrant Mother.” For background information, see “Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother‘ photographs …”  I also found a link to a story about one of the children in the photo who is now 77 years old. She said that the photo brought ‘shame and determination’ to her family.

Below is an image of Mrs. Ella Watson, taken by Photographer Gordon Parks in 1942.

















via: mashable