“Would you throw away a gold ring that has not been worn for 10 years? If not, why then is it so easy to throw away a plastic spoon that has been used for only 10 minutes?”

This is a question asked by Tithi Kutchamuch, in his newest series Reincarnation .  His pieces are part sculpture, part everyday object. He uses discarded objects like coffee stir sticks, coffee cups, take-away containers and egg containers among others. He then casts them in silver, using a method similar to lost wax, the result is a series of everyday objects given new life and value. 

tithi-reincarnation2tithi-reincarnation1Explore Tithi Kutchamuch’s other pieces on his site. Beautiful and unique – among my favourites are ‘A secret friend’ and ‘My personal Space’.

via: mocoloco