create-2As our world gets smaller, there are more and more projects popping up that aim to connect us.  And not just in the digital way.  the disposable memory project is a global photography project.  Cameras were dropped around the world, people took photos, passed them on, then returned them for developing and uploading to Flickr. Some cameras travelled as many as 12,000 miles recording memories from many different countries from as many different users.

Here are some stats that were posted for their 1st Birthday – which is today.

75 Cameras
30 Cities
22 Countries
 major regions of the world
Over 30,000 miles travelled
15 cameras found
Over 100 people involved 
Almost 160 images in our flickr group
3 cameras returned!

An interesting concept, and one that is being adapted in different ways. 













There is a similar project called Photochaining –  “a continuous project where people practise the art of leaving memory cards in public places to be picked up and used by others, who then do likewise”.  

You take a photo, leave the memory card and a note about the project in a public spot.  The finder then uploads the last image taken, takes one of their own, then leaves it for the next person to repeat the process, and so on…
There is an element of trust here, it is easy for the finder to just take the memory card and stop the chain. Have a look at some of the photos from those honest ‘finders’ using the project as it was meant to be.