There is a misconception that Twitter is for teenagers wanting to know exactly what their friends are doing at any given moment. Twitter is a serious business…Nielsen Wire reported last week that Twitter use increased at an amazing rate of 1,382% in one year.  February 2008 saw 475,000 unique visitors, while February 2009 had 7 million users! That makes Twitter is the fastest growing site in the Member Communities category, followed by Zimbio with a 240% gain and Facebook growing 228%.

What accounts for this incredible growth?  The 35-49 year old demographic is 41% of the site’s audience.  Does this mean people are using it for business?  The majority of people visit while at work – 62%, while 35% access it from home.  

I wonder if Obama and his Twitter use for his campaign from the beginning, had anything to do with this amazing surge in the site’s use.