I have never been one to get very excited over sports memorabilia of any kind. Until now that is.  A friend just sent me this – I didn’t really believe it at first.  3d holographic baseball cards. A flat baseball card is held up to a webcam and the photo – avatar – of the player comes to life, in full 3d.  If you turn the card, he will rotate in perspective. Total Immersion provides the technology that also allows collectors to use the players like a game – they can pitch and bat. 

Topps (the original baseball card distributor) partnered with Michael Eisner (formerly from Disney) to bring an old product into the 21st century, hopefully attracting those 9 year old boys away from their video games and back to collecting cards and chewing stale gum.  

“Mr. Eisner says he does not see Topps as a trading card business. “I see it as a cultural, iconic institution not that different from Disney; it conjures up an emotional response that has a feel good, Proustian kind of uplift,” he also says…
“We take technology as our friend,” he said. “The playing card is the beginning, not the end.”


via:  engadget and Dan!